Surveys on everything

It seems that for just about everything you purchase now, you are sent a survey. It doesn’t matter if the purchase is for a product, a service, or even a doctor’s visit. In some cases, a visit to a website will be enough to be sent a survey.

Does anyone else find this frustrating and completely unnecessary?

I think one purpose of those surveys is to make people think they’re going to implement our suggestions.

I don’t bother to do surveys because they’re just going to do what most people want, and I’m not most people.

Yesterday, however, I was on my health insurance company’s website using their Find A Doctor interface and was so disappointed that I found the Feedback link and sent them a note. I couldn’t even find my husband’s doctor, who is a CRNP and in-network, no matter how I searched.

yes, along with the popups on every website you visit. I think the surveys are all marketing. They want you to interface with them as much as possible. So I never fill them out.