How do the census folks know?

Posted this on another board so some of you have seen it already. My son got a letter from the census folks, it stated that since he bought a vehicle last year, they wanted to know what he used it for. He just threw the letter away. I would have responded with a smart *** answer.
Since when do the census people have anything to do with vehicles being bought or sold? Why do they even have access?
He did buy a 2018 truck last year.

I don’t know how they would have known. Here is my feeling on the census.

There is the short form and the long form and people randomly get one or the other. We are supposed to be required to answer certain questions, but the long form is really invasive. It asks questions concerning such as medical insurance, ability to get to the doctor, telephone in the house, bathrooms, etc. Yes, that information is useful for some groups to know so that services may be modified to better serve the public. However, I didn’t care. I looked up the answers on the short form and only filled those out on the long form and left the rest blabk.

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A little more info, it was asking questions for info that goes to the DOT, Federal highway folks, and a couple of more federal agencies that deal with transportation. Apparently those agencies don’t really have authority to demand answers from private individuals on their vehicles, just commercial. Using the census folks to gather the info implies it’s mandatory, don’t know if it is or not.

i refused to fill out the invasive 20 page long form, as I was hearing in some countries they make you share your home with indigents. The constitution specifies person, (not male or female or yellow color) and I put the exact number w/o reference to attributes of that person(s). I also received calls all times of the day and night when i did not answer, and threatened with a lawsuit if they did not cease.
In my state, they get 1200 a head, from the federal taxes that citizens pay, and it paid on both citizens and illegals. Trump wanted to only give the money for legal citizens, to cut the cost to the taxpayer.
The census very inaccurate, as many are going under the radar.

Another Federal make work agency for life long, lock step Ds. The “takers” threatened to sick US Marshals on people if you didn’t “comply” under Clinton. Send copies to your rep and senators and tell them if they don’t go back to simple counting heads you’ll vote for the other candidate.