USAA very difficult to even get proper quotes

Since my father in law is a USAA member, I looked into getting auto, renters, and an umbrella policy. I have never had such a complicated process.

I initially talked to one person for 45 minutes who couldn’t complete the quotes. I went back in to my wife’s account to see the quotes, which was hard to get to. I call and get different people and can’t get clear answers.

I have been with AAA insurance for many years and I get to email back and forth with the same agent. Even though it will cost me more, I am very worried that if I were to go with USAA and save money now, any claim will be an even bigger headache.

I called USAA to see if I qulified as my Father was in WW2.They looked up and he had no account, so no.

So it appears there has to be an account of a parent before the child can get an account.That is unfortunate as Dad was a decorated soldier (Soldiers Medal).

USAA may be good for insurance, but I have found the insurance to cost more than most. When I shop for insurance, I prefer to get annual policies and I pay the premium in one lump sum. Paying in one payment will generally get me a discount. If I use a cash back credit card to pay the premium, I get money back via the credit card too.

I suspect that your difficulty in getting an accurate quote is that you lack membership. I’ve been a member for many years, and have never had difficulty getting an accurate quote. The cost can vary depending on specifics such as the amount of coverage, deductibles, location, etc. For auto, car use, mileage, and its age/mileage make a difference; for home, the specifics of the home, its condition, value, etc. are important.

It sounds like your spouse has a membership? Perhaps have her pose the question. Assuming your f-i-l is a member, and your wife has a membership based on his, you should qualify for membership. But you would not qualify if your spouse does not have membership.