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Based on Clark Howards recommendation I’ve been with Amica since 2015 for auto, home and an umbrella policy. Last year my now 17 year old son got his drivers license and my rates went from about $400 every six months to $1000. That’s with a good student discount. Now I just got my six month renewal and it’s going up another 15% to $1200. That’s $2,400 a year! No claims the entire time.

I feel like you are forced to change insurance companies every few years. They give you a good rate to get you in and then jack it up every year. I get that young drivers are a much greater risk so I get that my rate increased but another 15%???

Who do you all recommend (or avoid)? I’m not a veteran nor government employee.

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Maybe you should have had a girl? :crazy_face:

With State Farm, ours went from $320 before the driver’s license, to a high of $707 soon after (6 years ago), to $407 now. We also have home/auto/umbrella/good student and no claims discount. It’s possible that yours will also decrease as your young driver gets experience and some maturity.

Ya gotta shop around… and maybe call Amica and beg for mercy.


Shop around but $2,400/yr doesn’t sound bad for a 17 yo. For anyone else that’s one heck of a claims history. Geico redlined our neighborhood on the liability and comprehensive portions so we switched to Hanover.

The comprehensive increase makes sense because of deer and car break-ins but the liability portion doesn’t make sense because other richer zip codes have greater accident levels and more pedestrian strikes than our zip code

We’ve had Amica for years (based on Clark’s recommendation).
Having 2 boys, definitely raised the auto rates.
I believe Clark had mentioned Amica is never the cheapest, but they are 1 of the best due to customer service based on claims when you really need them.
Do you happen to have a dividend policy?(some states don’t allow Amica to do that). I receive either 20 to 25% back every year on my Autos/Homes/Umbrella policies.
We had 1 auto claim, and Amica was great, but yes it did raise our auto rate for a couple years. That made it an easy choice to stick with Amica rather than shop around for a lower rate…which could go up the following year as some have reported with other insurance company options.

I signed up with AMICA when I bought my new mustang. The initial quote was good but when the renewal came up they jacked up the premium by over $200 for absolutely no reason. I have read this complaint numerous times about AMICA before so it ain’t me! I have AUTO-OWNERS and have had them for many years for HOME and many years on and off for AUTO. I have had several big claims over the years and have never had a problem.

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Same here except that I have no claims.

They have been raising the rate but with inflation that is to be expected.

As an independent adjuster before I retired I handle some claims for Auto Owners and found that they aways treated their insured’s well.

American Family, AAA, or

I am very happy with my Metro miles $40 / month for a couple years now. One of those charge by miles + monthly base pays. I have to plug in reader to my car. Great for city dweller that does not travel far. Have not deal with claims yet.

I’ve had State Farm for 5 years, for auto and home insurance. My auto insurance went up $120. per year recently. I called to ask my agent about it because I’ve not had a claim or ticket since being with them. I work part-time and only drive 1 mile to work. I have very low mileage and have their “Drive Safe and Save” device in my car. The agent said it’s due to inflation and the cost of everything going up. I could see it going up a little but this seems excessive.
It doesn’t pay to be a long-term customer with any insurance company. I think it’s time for me to shop around.

I love my Metro miles. My 22-year-old 2002 Corolla is costing me $47 / month. The base charge is $27 plus 6.6 cents per mile driven with roadside assistance included. They promised rate won’t go up if you use the roadside part. Now they partner with Lemonade Property Insurance too. (In case you are a renter) I have never made a claim so google for complaints. This is my 4th year with them, yes, there is a plug-in device. Oh seems this is an old post that I commented twice, will try to delete.

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