Amica Homeowner Insurance!

My Amica Homeowner’s Insurance went up 50% this year! No claims, same house, no renovations, etc. Live in Lawrenceville GA. Renewal is 11/16/23. After the dividend sent out (not much)… I will be switching. 50% is crazy!

Clark has referred to recent signficant increases in homeowmers and auto insurance premiums. I also have Amica and I did have good service with my one home claim a number of years ago. Please share the infrormation you obtain from other insurers.

I was with Amica for many years based on Clarks recommendation. Two vehicles, home and umbrella. This fall my renewal was significantly higher. I contacted an insurance broker and I switched to Acuity. Saved about $1,300 per year. Loyalty is NOT rewarded. You have to switch every few years.

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Not surprised! I have noticed the same