How to remove oneself from Corporation Division and Opencorporates

I own a business and when I do a google search on myself, my business corporation name comes up with my home address on the Corporation Division website and also this website called Opencorporates. I contacted Opencorporates by email, but they said its public data and will not erase the information. I guess dont mind being on their website, but just dont want it to come up when I do a google search on my name. Is it possible to contact google from preventing this from coming up on the first page when I search my name? Any suggestions?

You need to figure out how to change the name and/or address associated with your corporation that web sites get from the state. Some options that might be available, depending on how your state handles such things:

  1. Rent a PO box and have mail for the corp sent there. Presumably your search would then bring up the PO box address as well as the corp name if you do that.
  2. Pay a registered agent to receive mail for your corp and forward it to you. This could also dissociate your name from the corporation in some public records.