Wipe personal history off of internet

My friend found too much information about me on the internet. Is there a free program to erase your data off the internet?

I just read about a free app in WAPO that helps you get rid of some info on the internet. I think it’s from Consumer Reports. It’s called “Permission Slip.” Here’s a link:

@NancyM posted about the Permission Slip App a few days ago. It seems like a good idea. I am waiting for tech sites to report on how effective the app is.

There is no single program to erase all personal data from the internet. However, reducing your online footprint by removing personal data from websites and social media, using privacy settings, using a VPN, deleting old accounts, and being cautious about sharing personal information online can help protect your privacy.

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I try to be careful, but did a few searches for myself. OMG,!!!
I could not believe what I found. Really scary, and I’m not a pro at searching.

What did you found? It’s scary to see how much personal information is available online, even with just a few searches. It’s important to take steps to protect your privacy and be cautious about sharing personal information. Good for you for being proactive and checking your online presence.

my age, birthday, and address, and maiden name

If your data appears on consolidator websites (eg. checkmate, etc), you can request to have it removed, and I’m pretty sure they have to by law. It’s a big pain in the you-know-what, but it does work. Women who have been married with a different last name may have to do twice the work and it’s always best to go back a few months later and google yourself again. I had an ex-husband that because he appeared as related to me by marriage, made it look like I had associations with bad people. Even though we’ve been divorced for like 30 years and I left him as soon as I figured out he was not a good guy (really short period).
I actually created an email account specifically to manage my remove requests. Once a year I re-google myself to make sure my personal info isn’t easily available. I recently popped up on my (now) husband’s on one of them, so he’ll need to remove his (which is the safest thing to do anyway). Each consolidator site has their own remove process, so you will need to find it for each one you appear on. Best of luck!

When I lived in Georgia, I did a web search. My mortgage documents (and my signature) were online, but the clerks signature was blacked out.

My Solo 401K was also online even though I was the only participant.

Wow, and all I had was my name, address, and age. Banking info, is definitely not appropriate. Prisoners brag about getting voting records with addresses, and possible social security numbers, associated with voting records.

I would like to remove my posts on clark howard message board. How can I go about it?

The Team Clark Administror should know if that is feasible. Click on the symbol for the administrator than a blue message window will open.