Permission Slip App

I just found out about a new app from Consumer Reports for data privacy – Permission Slip. It will submit data privacy requests to companies who you have interacted with, even with different email addresses.

I just started using it, so I can’t say how well it works.
Also, CR has apparently been overwhelmed by the response, so there may be some delays.

Here’s a website, or you can find it on the Google Play or Apple store.
Permission Slip by CR (

Also, here is the article where I found the information, but it’s Washington Post, so you need a subscription (not a gift article, sorry). How to remove your data from companies, data brokers for free - The Washington Post

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Thanks for sharing. I expect that reports on the effectiveness of the Consumer Reports Permission Slip are forthcoming. From the Consumer Reports announcement: “Through Permission Slip, Consumer Reports acts as an “authorized agent,” an intermediary that files data requests on behalf of consumers and actively follows up with companies to help ensure the requests are fulfilled.”