Random Amazon Gift Cards Received in the Mail - Is This a Scam?

I received three letters from “InComm” and in each letter was what appears to be an Amazon gift card totaling $80 ($50, $25 and $5). I did not order gift cards, and I don’t recall doing anything that would have earned me a gift card (survey, etc).

The letters only have the sender name and address (InComm, Forston, GA), my name and address, and a message to “Enjoy your gift card!”. I can’t find anything on the internet about this and there does seem to be a company called InComm (whether they sent these or not is another issue).

Other than requesting payment if I redeem the gift cards, I can’t see how this would be a scam but I also don’t know of any companies who just send random gift cards. Is this a scam?

I guess InComm is a legit company:

InComm, Forston, GA at DuckDuckGo

Did you email InComm about this?