Radiator Flush Today

I posted on another board before about a radiator flush.

I had it done today, it would have gnawed at me if I didn’t (bought new Nov 2018).

Went to the dealership because as somebody there stated that it would be better because an independent might not use exactly the right kind, a bit pricey (239.95). I was a bit worried about high pressure flush might do some damage, the dealer said they use low pressure.

Actually noticed the heat worked better, not that it wasn’t before but seemed warmer faster.

So in my state (Pa.) there is an annual inspection requirement so I had that done, I’m good until Jan. 2025 (windshield sticker)

In all I had the flush, oil change, tire rotation, state inspection and emission, the total cost was 388.22.

Fair price ?

I wouldn’t say an independent would be worse as they should have the capability.

With transmissions, a drain and fill is better then a flush

For radiator, I don’t know. That said when I replaced my wife’s transmission I do wish I went to the dealer

That’s awesome the radiator works well.

Maryland only has emissions while MA and PA are full safety inspections

In Hawaii we have a ‘Safety Check’ for things like lights, turn signals, horn, amount of tint on the windows, etc. We do NOT do an emissions check. I am guessing that an active volcano here is the reason. Our air is monitored more closely than many other places.

I have a 2004 Honda with 125,000 miles I bought new. I didn’t remember the last time I flushed the coolant system so I looked up what was recommended. It recommends to replace engine coolant at 120,000 miles or 10 years! Brake fluid every 3 years independent of mileage. Engine oil every 3,750 or 6 months. But every car is different.

My mechanic charges $60 oil/filter change. Tire rotation is free where I bought my tires. They usually charge about $25 for inspection in GA. So that would leave about $300 for the flush. Seems a bit high to me if you really even needed one.

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