Oil Change screw up... Oil Everywhere!

Took my Subaru to the dealer for an Oil Change.

2 hours later the Service Rep told me that after the filter had been loosened, “SOMEHOW” the car started and oil was spread everywhere. I looked at it and the pan under the car was filled with oil. There was oil on belts etc. etc.

They gave me a Loaner so they could keep it overnight to complete clean up and drive it to burn off excess oil that would cause smoking… They said they wanted to be sure it was not smoking when I got it back.

What kind of problems can I expect in the future and is there anything I should be doing now?

Do they owe me more!

Well at least you are pretty sure they changed the oil.

Car starting by it’s self, doubtful.

Recently my friend’s wife took their Avalon to the dealer for an oil change and a state inspection. A few days later he noticed the inspection sticker was not changed. He called and was told to bring it in they would change the sticker. That was done. But did they change the oil?
For the inspection, the first item to be done is to remove the inspection sticker.

Several years ago I had to have tires put on my daughters Ford Escape. IT was at a local garage so I told them to go ahead and change the oil while they had it in there. Picked it up that night and my sister drove it home. She was behind me and started flashing her lights. The car stalled and wouldn’t start. I used my car to push her onto a side street adn went back. assuming it was a bad battery. The guy from the store took the battery and went to the car while I paid for the battery. I got back and the truck started, but my sister said that she saw the guy put 3 quarts of oil in. As we drove it, every time we were at a stop light, the oil light would come on.

I took it back. Long story short - they drained the oil, but they never put any back in. They ruined the engine, but they did replace it. I just don’t know how good of an engine it was.

I think you will be fine. Sounds like they are doing all the right things. Mistakes happen. They could have fixed it and said nothing. Then when it smoked they could have shrugged their shoulders and said it will eventually burn off.

Yes, it was unfortunate but they handled it well.
I got a loaner of a car the same model similarly equipped, but several years newer.
They then cleaned and Detailed my car… looks great.

Their Rep returned my car to my home to pick up the loaner.
The Rep was a young guy, really great. I took a test drive with him, shook hands and we departed.
He Thanked me for being understanding.
A class act.

As someone who has been working on my own cars forever here’s my stab at what may have happened.

“Somehow” someone/something started the “pre-condition” mode and accidentally started the engine. Was the mechanic clicking the remote to lock/unlock the doors or was there a malfunction in the cars computer to start that mode? Assuming the car is high up on the lift the tech couldn’t get to the key to shut down the engine very quickly.

Just an idea…