Oil Change Providers

So where do you get your Oil changes.
I have been getting them at the Dealer as part of a 4 Oil Change included with the sale.

I get the idea that these Oil Changes will be over $100 in the future for full synthetic Oil changes.

I see that Full Synthetic Oil changes are available at Walmart for $50.
Also wondering about Pep Boys… or do you go for the quickie Oil Change places. They are not as cheap as you think.

I have found that the Coupons for Oil Changes are a mixed bag.

In my experience, oil changes are an opportunity for the service provider to market a lot of add-on sales, much of the things they hype are unnecessary.

I think both convenience shops and car dealerships are enthusiastically into the practice. Many of the people pushing the stuff get a commission on the add-on sales they get.

I get them at my regular mechanic’s shop. No add ons unless I ask for something additional.

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Usually do my own. My former workplace has a rack I can use so I can walk underneath. Makes it easy plus you can see if anything looks unusual underneath.

I was a Jiffy Lube fan for many years. Bought my full synthetic Castrol oil elsewhere and JL did the job.

Tried to do the same last week. but JL no longer allows customers to bring their own oil. Agreed to their $139.95 charge [reluctantly] and while waiting, rep kept trying to sell this or that service.

Alas, never again. They lost a three decade customer.

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I once went to a quicky oil change place. As I sat in their waiting room I heard worker after worker approach the women waiting to come look. They had all sorts of ‘issues’ and up-sells.

I generally do my own oil changes. Luckily my current vehicle (truck) has a high enough clearance that I can change it myself without a lift.

12 quarts of oil at Costco is perhaps $50 (in Hawaii) or less. A filter is pretty cheap too. Granted you may be unable to change your own oil (or perhaps to do a lubrication) but as long as you know the price difference between what you could buy the items for vrs the cost of them to do it, allows you to determine if you are wasting money. If the difference is quite high then perhaps you may find an alternative or a car enthusiast to help you.

I do my own, but if I didn’t want to, I’d take them to my favorite mechanic (who I do visit for lots of other things). Have you met the people who work in the Walmart auto center? I buy oil, filters, and batteries there, but I wouldn’t let them work on my car.