Synthetic Oil Change

So how much do you pay for a Synthetic Oil Change?
Please specify if it was at a Dealer, Garage/Tire Place or Quick Lube.

When I bought my Subaru, some free oil changes were included…I have used them up… just wondering if I should return to the Dealer or go elsewhere.

Has anyone gotten an Oil Change at a AAA Car Care Center?

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With taxes and fees, the Prompto quick lube shop near me charged about $56 for a synthetic oil change and filter replacement.

I had my first two years of service free from Toyota. That ended and I just had the Toyota dealer do an oil change and tire rotation. Synthetic oil. $125.66 (including tire rotation).

I once went to a neighborhood fast oild change company. I’m sure you know the type. Personally I was changing the oil myself but this time I had to have it done.

Most people were invited to come look at some ‘issue’ with their vehicle and I heard upsell after upsell. (Once I was in a car repair place with trade magazines in the waiting room. One article was titled ‘How to Upsell’).

In my case I was told about ‘suggestions’ to address but was not shown any issues but the suggestiobn was to rotate the tires and replace all filters, even though some of them were new having replaced them weeks before.

I am lucky that I had the ability to do my own oil changes, can replace sensors and brakes, however age is starting to limit that.

Certainly finding an inexpensive and dependable company is important. Knowing where your filters are and what condition they are ensures that they are replaced. It is also quite simple to look at the color of your oil. I am not saying that you must be on guard, but it does seem that unsuspecting people have paid for services not performed.

At age 20 I learned to do my own oil changes. Some vehicles require them to be lifted considerably to change oil and some have horrible locations for oil filters. However some to many vehicles can have their oil and filters changed in a driveway.

A quick check shows that if I went to Walmart and bought oil for my vehicle it would be at least $35 for the oil to do it myself. Of course perhaps Costco would be a lot cheaper. Including labor and filters I would say that $50 to $100 would be reasonable. The $125 including tire rotation is also not horrible a price, although Costco members get free rotation, just not the oil change.

I used Jiffy Lube for years, and I supplied the syn oil. They no longer allow customer supplied oil, and charged me $99 for syn oil, or double what I paid when I supplied it.

Years ago I used to listen to an Auto mechanic who had a talk show on the radio. He said that if you use synthetic oil, time between changes could be extended.

So if oil is normally changed at 3,000 miles, with Synthetic oil that can be extended to 6.000 miles.

I never do 6,000 miles so have the oil changed yearly.

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Synthetic oil change with fluids, lights, filters and tires checked costs me $64.95 plus usually less than $2 in shop fees. Independent mechanic I’ve relied on for at least 20 years and dread the day he might decide to retire.

Yes I used to do 20,000 miles a year but now have had to change the oil four times in 3 years right around the 6,000 mile mark

No manufacturer requires oil changes at 3000 miles anymore because of significant qulity increases. 5000 miles is fine .The “shop” might still rec 3000 because they make LOTS more money that way.

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Never get tire rotation from an oil change place. always go to Discount tires where it is FREE and they are experts at that.

Jiffy is famous for “upselling” and over charging for everything not name oil change.

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Soooo true…! Don’t recall exactly, but they wanted something like $35 to change the cabin air filter. I picked one up at an auto store, and replaced myself in about one minute. No kidding. Now I know how, could replace it in 30 seconds

I am a little behind in times. The car that I am driving is a 2006 Chrysler Sebring.

Sounds like you won’t be seeing those significant quality increases then. :joy: :joy: :joy:

Yikes…keep changing oil at 3000 then.

I don’t. Being retired only drive about 4 to 5 thousand miles a year. Change the oil about every 8 months or so[regardless of the mileage].

That’s a real good lookin dog!

My last oil change was about 6 months ago at my local Buick dealer. Was $69.99 + tax synthetic oil & included tire rotation. Got that price from a coupon on the service dept site. They did try to upsell me more services, but I said no just the oil & tires & they came back & showed me the oil plug telling me the last person who did the oil change stripped the nut. Got me for $22 for a new one.
Checking the site again it went up to $84.99 with the coupon for the same service.

Check your dealers service dept web page for special offers.

I would think that there would have been an oil leak if the plug had been previously stripped.

I had a bad experience at a Subaru Dealer last year. I suspect that with the worker shortage that less qualified folks are being assigned tasks like oil changes.