Costly gas station mistakes

Trying to squeeze every last drop into tank when filling up. On a gas powered car, this can contaminate some of the emissions equipment which results in check engine light which requires expensive component replacement to clear check engine light. Happened to me. Approximately a $400 repair.

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I’m guilty of trying to squeeze every last drop into the tank. Didn’t know that something this bad could happen as a result. Figured the worst was just that I’d likely spill some fuel on the ground if I wasn’t careful. Thanks for the tip!

I know that “gas station food and drinks are so much more expensive” is pretty basic financial stuff, but college me didn’t truly get the memo until like my junior year. I shudder to think how much cash I could have saved by actually just getting milk and cereal during regularly planned grocery store trips instead of “just picking some up” while I was fueling up the car. :man_facepalming:t2:

What had to be replaced?

In my case the part was called something like evaporative canister, I think. It’s supposed to recycle vapors and when you overfill the tank, past when the hose stops, it puts liquid gas in there which ruins it.


Yeah, it doesn’t pay to overfill.


I think it was called evaporative canister. It was supposed to condense gas vapors. If you overfill, you flood it and ruin it. The main issue was my car wouldn’t pass the emissions test with the check engine light on and when my mechanic replaced it, the light went out.

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I overfilled my evaporative canister and it was really expensive on my Kia Optima

Oh cool that is one little area where we have less Tyranny in Florida! Inspections went out decades ago. I remember coming to visit and noting that my father’s inspection was expired, several years past. Guess they never put that scam back in.