Quicken failure. Failed tech support

Quicken user for two decades.Last year bought new computer and newest Quicken program
Recently, I couldn’t print reports. 3 calls and 8 hours later to Quicken
Last discussion was 'corrupt file" and nothing can fix it. Despite daily back-ups and current upgrades.
Their suggestion was to start new every three years. Like a new user would do. Re-enter all my info manually every three years!.
Tech Calls to Quicken were followed by hours of unsuccessful repairs, with a promise to forward to specialized technician and a call back,; specific to the date and time. They never called as promised. Now my printer no longer works on any program.
I cannot depend on the accuracy of my Quicken reports since they never found why my files corrupted and could not print. I cannot expect quicken to ever be dependable or reliable as files may corrupt in the future.
I doubt I will get a refund for my annual subscription fee.

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I started using Quicken sometime in the 90’s and I quit upgrading Quicken after the 2008 version. I would find bugs and upgrade to the next version but often the same bugs were still there. Tech support back then was as worthless as it is now. Back then they also started changing the file format for sync’d accounts about every 3 years which forced you to upgrade to the new version to continue to sync, basically for no other reason than to sell you the next version. I got tired of it and just decided to keep the old version and not be able to sync with my accounts. I find it better to manually enter everything anyway as I pay attention more that way. Now that everything is a subscription I definitely would not go with them. If an OS “upgrade” causes Quicken 2008 to stop working then I’ll find another solution.

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Ha ha. That’s basically my exact experience with MS Money, but around 2014 I switched over to YNAB. It was just before they changed to the subscription model, so I’m still using that version that I bought. They “graciously” offered me a free one-year subscription to their subscription platform since the launched it shortly after I bought the software.

One thing that kept me from jumping ship to different software earlier was the possibility of losing old data. But once I switched, I only ended up opening the old MS Money file to look something up one or two times, and I’m certain I haven’t done that in the last five years (I don’t even have it installed on my current machine). Old data is just not nearly as useful as I thought it was. The things I do care about (e.g., 401k balance at the end of each year) is simple to extract and work with in Excel.

@timjimbob Did you try the Quicken Community for help? I’m a superuser over there (on the Mac side) and I know that while their support can be spotty, sometimes the fellow users can help when support can’t.

3 hours with second tier Quicken experts digging deep into my situation. I would hope Quicken would have checked the forum if they thought it would help.
I now have so many new quicken files they used to troubleshoot, I am lost. All these calls to Quicken, not once did they recommend backing-up before they started manipulating all these folders.
I had used quicken for my rental properties. Anything better?

Rick, I often wonder. Are Community Forum answers educated answers or can I throw out an answer that could be totally incorrect?

When Money went subscription, I switched to Quicken, updating every few years. In Spring 2021, I had the same problem with my Quicken software-2016 I think it was. Years of data suddenly gone due to corrupted file with no warning. I didn’t waste my time with their tech support. I went ahead and created my own Excel workbook for all my accounts and their transactions and monthly budget comparisons that works pretty well for me. I always manually entered my info anyway, so it was no big deal. I’ll probably never buy another program again as what I’m doing serves my purposes. I found that I have had no need for that lost info anyway; it’s gone and I’ve stopped stressing about it.

I second this suggestion. In fact, avoid the tech support at all costs! Their instructions usually end with unnecessary resetting that requires hours of re-entering data, even after repeatedly confirming that actions you’re being instructed to perform will not delete anything. The users’ forum folks are much more knowledgeable.
Another heads-up: Half the times I’ve had to restore from a backup- the data was corrupted.

You are continually paying for this product else everything shuts down, as I understand. I went back to Jan. 1 BU and was told data was corrupt before then

I am still using Quicken 2002 for some of the same reasons and I have all my charges back to 2001. It still uses the old QIF file for import. One of my credit cards still supports it, but most don’t. However, most credit cards still support a CSV file download which opens in Excel. Then there is a free Excel add-on you can download from the internet called XL2QIF which will convert CSV files to QIF files. We have 4 credit cards and I don’t have to manually input any of them. It takes some work to set it up, but after you have it set up, it works great.

Since customer support is not helping file your complaint here: https://www.consumerfinance.gov/complaint/

Mine crashed in 2021 for no apparent reason. Said the disc was corrupted or some other drivel. The bad news is I lost years of transactions. The good news is, I don’t need them, I just liked having them. I was manually inputting everything into Quicken anyway, so I just created my own spreadsheet, which I am very satisfied with and suits my needs perfectly. I doubt I’ll need Quicken again. It’ll be even better as I expand my Excel skills.

Excel record transactions but doesn’t sort unless you are good at writing instructions. I like to enter a check, have it printed and catagorized.
My CPA ends up reentering data if it is isn’t transferable and that get expensive.
I am using Quicken for rent property, not personal accounting.