Penfed asked for my feedback on their new website. I obliged

Penfed feedback

If they didn’t pay 5% cash back on gas, I’d have dropped them years ago.

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I thought it was just me. My feedback was very similar. :grinning:


Thank You could not agree more

In frustration I put money in their Savings and set up auto pay. I look at the balance periodically… when I feel brave!

I set up autopay for the credit card from an account at another institution. My savings has had $5 in it for over a decade. It’s actually up to $5.18 now, since it’s been earning interest.

You must be talking about the app. Their website is fine on my laptop. It is a superior credit union to the other one I belong to. They pay 2.7% apy on premium savings vs. 0.5 at my other one. They also have some pretty decent 18 month CD’s. Also, they offer credits toward buying or leasing some car brands for members. I saved an additional $500 when leasing my car.

Nope. I’m talking about their website. I haven’t bothered downloading their app.

Just keep telling yourself that!

I didn’t lease through them, just got the certificate to use on a very good deal I had already made. I guess we have to agree to disagree here without getting hostile.

What’s the current purchase APR for your PenFed credit card, ratberk2k?

I have no complaints about the organization. I have the old 5% on gas credit card and a mortgage with them though they recently moved those to Black Rock or whoever. My mind just clearly doesn’t work the way some of the new websites are designed. I want the basic activities visible on the screen when I log in. Shouldn’t have to go through three screens to find a statement or scroll forever down the page to find the link to the statements they have buried somewhere. Having said that, I find the absolute worst website ever to be the new design (last year) for TSP. When I finally find something on there I have to make notes to be able to locate it in the future.

TSP the military retirement account? The worst I’ve seen is the government site to buy I-bonds. I mistyped my account number several months ago and I’m still in purgatory even though I jumped through the hoops, driving an hour to get my bank to notarize all the required paperwork and returning it by certified mail. Both government run sites, I guess. My other credit union site will only work using Edge and since my password manager is on a different browser, I have to toggle back and forth to copy and paste my password so, coupled with the .05% savings rate, I’m going to dump them as soon as I get my bill pay and APD switched over.