Alliant FCU ... new Bill Pay

Is anyone using the Alliant FCU Bill Pay?
Seems a while back Alliant was heavily recommended here.

Well they recently changed the Bill Pay software and not for the better. It is a drastic change like going to a new institution.

I tried to add a Vendor And no go… just an error with no Explanation. After 3 messages, with no help but giving me instructions to do what I was already doing…

So I have accounts at 2 other institutions offering Bill Pay and paid it there… now wondering if I should change everything… which with direct deposits and many vendors etc etc… is no small job.

I have no problem staying… lots of pluses… JUST FIX THE PROBLEMS.

Any comments on the Bill Pay change at Alliant.

click on checking
click pay bills
if they ask about preferences, click skip
click on the + next to the search icon
type in the new vendor

Two things I’ve run into with financial websites of late are the site not supporting the browser I’m using (usually Firefox) and not being happy because I have pop ups blocked. I’ve never gotten a message that says we don’t support your browser or you need to turn off your blocker - just a website that doesn’t work. Those are now the first things I try when the website is being unresponsive and one of them has worked each time.

Hi Fuzz… Did that… started adding the Vendor… “City” turned RED and could do no more.

Cannot maintain a Vendor.
Their idea of my Frequent Billers is different than what I had.
I had put a “-” in front of my the Nickname of Frequent Billers… (made them sort to the top).

but they are not using Nicknames in the list. I have to use the Chrome (Ctrl F) Search to find the ones I want to pay.

The AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution) is listed under “The” not “AJC” and I cannot make changes to the Payee Record.

Where are the past Statements beyond current Month?

Seems like a Giant step backward.

BTW, have you seen any POSITIVES in the change. I have not!!!

No, I haven’t seen any improvements, if there are any they’re probably for phone apps.

I’m not having your problems because I only have a couple of payees listed there. I pay most everything by credit card and then make my card payments at the card site.

But speaking of sites and service going to hell, Penfed has really crapped out. My Cash Rewards card expired and they never sent a replacement. In messaging the only help I got was a phone number to call. The guy I got was in India and I could only understand about every third word he jabbered at me. I think he said that something would be coming in the mail to my home. I’m not holding my breath.

Penfed does not send out statements.
Their web site is difficult for these old eyes.

I have been thinking of dropping Penfed and using the Costco Anywhere card (4% on gas).

Just a thought since Pen Fed was mentioned. Their site no longer recognizes/accepts my Firefox browser. If I try to sign in with it I just get the sign in screen again with no explanation. After trying all sorts of things I switched to Chrome and it worked fine. I had another financial site recently that did an update and wouldn’t accept my inputs in drop down boxes, again with no explanation. Think I had to kill my pop up blocker or switch browser can’t remember the exact solution. Have you tried using an alternate browser with Alliant just for grins?