Can't connect to Alliant CU

I haven’t been able to connect to the website for several days now. No one answers the phone either. Can any body here connect?

I can get in.

We are experiencing technical issues.

We are experiencing technical difficulties and are working to resolve the issue
Please check back later.

Reference Number 12255143606648119835

[ ![Logo - Alliant Credit Union]

Member Contact Center (Available 24/7): 800-328-1935

They are using Cloudflare as a front end so perhaps, if they just enabled that, there is a propogration going on. That can take a day or so. Besides, today is a holiday so there may be lkimited technical people on duty. Oftentimes, updates and maintenance was performed on holidays.

I found part of the problem.

I can get there on the chrome browser but not on firefox and I can’t answer their emails on hotmail, perhaps because it’s booked marked in firefox.

I was able to log in using Firefox on Sunday.

I am staring to run into problems with some browsers, primarily because some sites use Java which I generally disable and also because the browsers are being discontinued for my Windows 7 boxes.

Even BRAVE which looked promising doesn’t update on Win7 boxes.

I’ve got a couple of routine websites that suddenly don’t like Firefox. The problem is that they don’t tell you that’s the problem. Annoying because I really like FF but now dredge up Chrome if it fails more than twice. I keep wondering if it’s intentional or just one not keeping up with the other’s updates.

I get email offers from them and when I try to respond I get an error message saying I cannot connect to their web page!

I tried Firefox again today and it worked fine.

I didn’t do anything to fix it, it just works now.

This stuff is just weird sometimes.

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