Patelco Cyber Attack

We are in California and have our funds at a credit union called Patelco. They had a ransom ware attack on June 29th and it is still not resolved.

The CEO has sent 3 emails with zero real updates other than, “your funds are safe”, but we have no access to online banking or any way of knowing what is going on in our acct. We have about 30K with them including our emergency fund.

Wondering if the Clark team can uncover any details other than the “cut and paste” type of email we’ve received.

Can you get funds if you go into the bank ?

Yes, but the lines are very long and temperatures here are triple digits. They will buzz only a certain amount of people in at at time.

Only if the ATM is working, but most in my area are “out of order” and beeping.

Can you initiate an ACH or Wire Transfer from another institution and pull your funds that way ?

Can you write a check to yourself from that account and deposit into another institution ?

Unless you need the money I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s insured and they will get the situation straightened out.

I’m not sure. It takes 3 bridges including a $7 toll to get to the nearest Patelco. We have always done online banking. I know the bill pay I put in on Friday, June 28th have not posted. This includes my credit card payment, PGE, city water bill, trash service, and other bills.

I also have monies I transferred in through Venmo. I don’t know if those have made it into Patelco.

I don’t need cash. I need my bills paid. I need to know the status. My husbands SS check is supposed to post tomorrow. Will it post? I have other bill pays on auto, will those be paid?

It’s unsettling to say the least.