Problem with Wells Fargo

Never had a problem until now. Where my wife works also has their business checking account at WF. When she pulls up their business account online, our personal account also comes up. I’m sure it’s because her SS# is associated with both accounts. At the corporate phone # she was given by the local branch, she is told there is nothing they can do about it. It has only started doing it recently. She has never accessed our account from work.

I’m going to talk to the local branch in person, I don’t expect any different results. Any other suggestions on handling this. We will be switching banks, it will just take awhile. I will mention I will be filing a complaint with the OCC.

We ditched Wells almost 20 years ago after they kept debiting our accounts with made-up miscellaneous charges. They would apologize for doing it, credit the charge out and repeat the same act every few months.

OMG, how are they still in business after SO many scandals, investigations, fines, etc… I guess this is what too big to fail looks like. My mom banked with them so I had to deal with them until I settled her estate but I always felt dirty anytime I did. Being finally done with them was a great day :+1:

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About 30 years ago, at the recommendation of a friend, we hooked up with a financial planner at Wells Fargo. We were novices and did not know all the ins and outs. As we got involved, we discovered the private client fee was 1.5% of net asset value and she got us into some very questionable Wells Fargo investments - high front loads, high exit loads, high management fees, high surrender charges, etc.

We eventually transferred our investments to Schwab and even Schwab had issues with these WF investments. As soon as the surrender charges diminished to 0, we sold these investments. We now have nothing to do with WF.