"Wells Fargo DELETES Customer Funds AGAIN | Breaking Points"

The situation brought up in this video is Clarkrageous, isn’t it?

Im not sure why anyone would do business with Wells Fargo after all of the shenanigans over the last 10+ years. You know who you are dealing with so its on you…


I was thinking the same thing — why is Wells Fargo even still in business?
I wouldn’t trust them with my money!
Heck, I wouldn’t trust them to be honest in running a lemonade stand!

I can’t see OP’s post because I blocked him for spamming news articles with no added value long ago, but Wells Fargo is one of the biggest banks around. It’s bound to have problems. I’ve yet to see any systemic problem come out of Wells Fargo that could possibly hurt me. I don’t worry about one-off problems I hear on the news any more than I would from any other bank, most of which I’ll never hear about because the smaller banks aren’t nationally known. The news picks up on Wells Fargo problems because it gets them clicks. No one cares about smaller banks, so those don’t get reported.

I suppose if I lose money to Wells Fargo, you can say “I told you so.”

Here you go @ratbert2k:


You don’t get a record fine for one-off problems…

I’m not saying those are one-off problems. I’m saying I would not be harmed by any of those. The one-off problems also make the news because “record fines” already put Wells Fargo into public consciousness. I could theoretically be harmed by one-off problems, but I’m not going worry about them just because they happen to be in the news.

But of course, I do invite you to make fun of me if I ever lose money due to bad behavior by WF.

Any one doing business with Wells Fargo is a danger to them selves and others.

Only if they’re not paying attention. But then that applies to those who do business with any company anywhere.

I partially agree. I have a safe deposit box at a nearby Wells Fargo. The cost is a fraction of the cost at other nearby locations. But an account there? No way no how!