Wells Fargo Autograph Journey Card

I love credit card perks, and Wells Fargo has a great offer on their new Autograph Journey card. But as much as I love earning rewards, I cannot forget the outright criminal behavior this company has demonstrated in the past. It allowed bogus accounts to be opened using peoples’ personal information so its employees would earn bonuses. I have to ask myself this question: Why should I trust this company with my personal information? The answer is I shouldn’t. I’ll pass on the card.

I agree with you. There is NO WAY I would deal with Wells Fargo after all of the scammy things they have done.

I also remember Wachovia Bank who purchased Wells Fargo was fined a staggering $160 million for laundering over $380 billion on behalf of Mexican drug cartels.

I’m not a big fan of “points” myself, but if it were cash I might sign up for the bonus and travel benefits. I have their Active Cash card, which at 2% cash back is one of the best. I’ve since switched daily use to Alliant’s 2.5% back card, but Alliant’s customer service is not as good.

Card details in case anyone is interested: