Credit Application Rejection

Hi there.

I had a credit card with a major home improvement store and went to use it yesterday to buy a dishwasher but realized that it was closed last June, I think because of lack of use, however I was never late and my FICO score is 830.

It’s weird but I was also rejected for another credit card earlier this year by the same finance company, Synchrony Bank, but I attributed this to being on a private VPN at the time of the application and now am wondering, why the rejection?

I also applied with Synchrony 2 years ago for a 12 months same as cash line of credit for a hot water heater and paid it off early.

Again I have 0 late payments and I pay off all of my balances every month so I can’t figure out what the problem is and cannot seem to get anyone at Synchrony to tell me either.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Do you have a credit freeze on any of the 3 credit reporting agencies? That would cause a rejection.

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Just checked all three agencies.
No freezes.

Probably as you said, lack of use.

Right however as I said in my first post, when I re-applied, I was declined, with a FICO of 830 and was also denied by Synchrony in Feb of this year.

Also, I checked my credit report and there are 0 hard inquiries this year.


They probably just decided you would not be a profitable customer. Transaction fees on a single large purchase that is paid off before any interest accrues will get eaten up by maintaining an account for next five years with no usage. They’d rather have someone who will either use the card a lot or pay some interest by carrying a balance (or preferably both).

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I believe Clark mentioned sometime in the not too distant past that Synchrony has become more concerned about its exposure and has been shutting cards down - often without warning. Likely they aren’t very enthused about multiple cards either?

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