Credit Freezes and Unfreezes

That we have to freeze our credit reports aside, what a pain!

So I was purchasing an Amazon item for well over $100 and was offered a large discount if I would apply for their credit card. Sure, why not?

So I investigated which credit bureau would likely be checked and went to unfreeze. Transunion has changed their procedures and even though I had an old login I had to create a new one and could not use the login name I used before, because it is still in use.

I go through the process and set up a new account, answering the questions and adding my cellphone number, etc. When I finally get logged in, I tried to unfreeze for a few days to submit the credit card application (Amazons provider said it takes 5 minutes, WRONG!). Transunion said unfreeze is temporarily unavailable. I went to bed. This monring I got an email (I guess they had to manually verify my info). So I log in and unfreeze my account.

Amazons provider said that I do not qualify and they will send me a mailing in a couple weeks.

I figure they are checking with the two other bureaus, but I don’t care. I cancelled the order and will just buy it elsewhere. Granted, not amazons fault but my timer is worth something. I mean I COULD have been out weed whacking (not that I really would) but still, just irritated.

Too bad someone has not come up with a way to temporarily unfreeze all bureaus at one time or that the providers tell you where they will be checking. Why is that such a secret? It is not as though they are protecting US!

Which reminds me, I froze all my credit years ago, and have no idea where I kept the “unfreeze” steps and codes.

So I get a cryptic email from Chase regarding an application. I look at all the links and they all go to Chase.Com but reference the mortgage side of the business. Ignoring the email links, I log into Chase and find a message to call them about my credit card application. They are the ones who are making the Amazon card offer. It says they tried to review my score at Experian… and it is frozen and to unfreeze.

OK< so I try to log into Experian and don’t seem to have an account anymore. I know I requested a report a few years ago, but did so through ANNUALCREDITREPORT. Anyway, I need to create an account. (SIGH). I answer a few questions (much of which is available over an internet search) and my SS number. Viola! I am in and have unfrozen my account in seconds.

That I was able to resolve the freeze quickly was great, but I also am somewhat concerned that it was that easy to create a new account quickly. They did ask a couple of security questions, but I seem to remember quite a few more in the past at bureaus, like checking acct number or mortgage holder, street addresses, etc.

Anyway, let’s see if I still get denied for some reason. My score is higher than Clarks :slight_smile:

Send them a letter asking for a new code.

I keep mine on the PC in an encrypted file.

I also have not applied for credit in many years.

Cash is king.

Link to article indicating that all 3 bureaus no longer require the code/PIN. How to Freeze Your Credit With Experian, Equifax and TransUnion
Some other websites have recently indicated that the PIN is still needed for Experian.
Labarck: did you need your original PIN to unfreeze with Experian?

I created the account, logged in and clicked to unfreeze, no PIN. I just logged in again and can tell you, they hide the freeze and push the lock which they charge for.

I had to go to HELP and search for FREEZE and then MANAGE FREEZE.

I don’t know about it exactly. I use acima credit card that I found here have a deposit there, so I can save money and take them anytime I need. You can contact their customer service to get more details and any other info you need.