Declined CC - Due to Credit Being Frozen - Can't reapply or put into review

Hi there. I submitted this question but also wanted to ask the community. Any thoughts on this?

I applied for an REI Capital One Credit Card on April 18th, forgetting that I had had my credit frozen. I removed the freeze on all three bureaus and have called them to put it into review only to get told time and time again that they can’t approve my application because “an application is either pending or recently processed “. On the phone they used the word “approved” not processed. Last night when I called they said they would put it in review, which i was told was different than reapplying yet they gave me an instant rejection stating the same reason. I was told that a review would take 3 weeks. I’m getting different answers from different people. I feel like I’m being punished for a minor error of forgetting to unfreeze the credit. I already have a quicksilver capital one card and my credit score is 797-817 depending on the model… How can I have someone just see that I am credit worthy? Will contacting BBB do anything? I don’t carry a balance and was hoping for store rewards as I just bought a great bike from them on sale.

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If they keep giving you the runaround, contact the BBB and/or go with another credit card company for rewards.

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I checked online as to which credit agency they used and then thawed them and applied for an Amazon credit card. It was rejected as it seems they used a different agency. I was told I would get a letter in the mail in a couple weeks and have not seen it in months.

If companys told you which agency they used it would help us. Instead I opted not to but the multi-hundred dollar item after all.