New kittens in the house from shelter

Yesterday, we added two (brother and sister) 7 month old kittens from a shelter to our house (only pets here). Not unexpectedly, the kittens are frightened and spend the time when we are home under the sofa or similar type place hiding place.

When we are either sleeping or out of the house, they are using the litter box and eating some food we leave out, Any thoughts re: inexpensive ways to shorten the transition time? What about calming sprays? which ones are cheap and effective?

Thank you.

Feliway spray and diffusers are helpful.

Purina Calming Care is a probiotic that’s worth a try:

Best to ask your vet for advice.

Freeze dried treats are a big motivator. I don’t have any of my favourite brand at the moment, but I’ll list it after i get to the pet food store. I just shake the bag, and the cats come running.

Stop leaving food out, Leave the dish empty.

Get some tasty cat treats and some food and sit down on the floor in front of the couch, hold out the treat and say here kitty kitty…

Make sure they know where their food comes from, the rest will come with time.

Thank you all for taking the time to comment.

We do have on list to call both the shelter and our vet.

Although our previous cat loved treats, so far, these guys surprisingly haven’t shown any interest when we’ve left them out at night.

Below is something I found on the web about pheromones - any thoughts on this product or any specific brand name pheromone product? I was going to go to a box pet store and see what they have but, any recommendation would be appreciated - TY

Cat Appeasing Pheromone (C.A.P)

The cat appeasing pheromone is produced by mother cats to ensure harmony and help her kittens feel safe and secure. It helps mulit-cat household cats get along with each other. It stimulates social contact and acceptance, and limits social conflict and escape responses.

FELIWAY® MultiCat mimics the natural cat appeasing pheromone. It eases inter-cat conflicts and tensions by sending ‘harmony messages’ to cats. These ‘harmony messages’ reduce issues such as fighting, hissing, chasing and other tensions…

I noticed a slight benefit to the Feliway.

These are the treats my cats adore. Most treats they completely ignore. These they will tear into the pouch if it is where they can get it.

TY , we’ll try these treats.

Our previous cat would climb on the stove, open the cabinet and “paw” the package of other treat (which the kittens don’t like) to the floor and try to open it, sometimes sucessfully .

How are the kittens doing now?

Congratulations on your new additions! Creating a calm environment is key. Consider using Feliway Classic diffusers or sprays, known to help reduce stress in cats. Additionally, providing hiding spots and interactive toys can aid in their adjustment. For affordable options, you might explore pet medication without prescription. Best wishes for a smooth transition!

Thank you all.

The kittens and almost cats now, are transitionally nicely.

They now come up at night and sleep on the bed. The female allow us to pet her anytime she is sitting somewhere and we’ve made a breakthrough with the male allowing us to pet him for a while on the bed in the night.

I’ve always been a dog person but the cats are winning me over.

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