Medicine GH(insulin) for Cats

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Our Vet says they can no longer sell insulin for our cat. The Vet said it is expensive but we should look into buying directly from Canada ($150 per) as local pharmacy can be pricey ($300 per).

Any body have any thoughtless on where to buy?

Does GoodRX work for cat medicine?

Thank you

Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs does not fill prescriptions for pets. Otherwise, I don’t know. I hope you find something.

Someone should send this post to the writers of All Creatures Great and Small… :slightly_smiling_face:

A friends wife needed a very costly drug but the HMO could not approve it as it was being used ‘off label’. The doctor suggested she get it from Canada.

If a doctor will make suggestions there is hope. Since the Vet knows that insulin is needed, perhaps they will write a prescription that could be filled in Canada.

I’ve been able to get pet orescriotion prices with GoodRx some of the time.

There are several online websites for filling pet prescriptions. I would try pricing those, but you also need to find our whether there are any backorder issues.

Thank everyone for your responses.

We are going with the Canadian pharmacy for around $150. We looked at Good RX but all the pharmacies were at least double that.

BTW, I have personally used GoodRX and if you haven’t looked into for human drugs, it is worth a look. At the suggestion of a non-profit medicare D advisor, I left one expensive eye drop off my Med D formula which nicely lowered the Med D premium and then just bought that eye drop using GoodRX.

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Try this also.