Do You Use GoodRx?

Tell us if GoodRx saved you money prescription drugs!

I use it for certain medications. Their price is lower than my insurance copay. The only thing is that the price can fluctuate a little…nothing shocking, but I’ve never paid the same price two months in a row. Sometimes it’s higher, but sometimes it’s lower.

A prescription that was not covered by my insurance was going to be a little over $600 for 90 days at my pharmacy. I went with Good rx and could get a 30 day supply for a little over $12.00. Called the Doc office to get a new prescription, picked it up and carried it in to get the cheaper price. Also printed off the Good Rx info,

This year, we chose the cheapest Part D coverage and are using goodrx for all prescriptions. Two of us together have 5 scripts, and goodrx pricing is cheaper than the copay for all 5.

I still order my wife’s Synthroid, must be brand name, generic don’t work as good, from Canada. I can get 90 pills for about the same as 30 through Good Rx. Been doing this for years.

My wife takes the generic version, levothyroxine. It’s currently $9.03 for 90 pills with goodrx at Albertson’s (where our scripts are and, surprisingly, cheaper than Costco).

Unknown how it works but it is totally nutso. You pay every month to keep a stinking Part D drug plan that is less than worthless. Then you whip out a goodrx and the price is a small fraction? Doing it the regular way somebody is raking in big bucks.

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Was given a prescription last fall for a medication that was not covered by Medicare. It was about $600 for 90 pills. Went back by the Dr’s office and got a prescription in hand. Got to shopping it, Canada, different pharmacies, etc. Checked Good rx and could get 30 pills for a little over $12 at the local Kroger. Don’t understand how it works, but on some meds you can save a ton. Going to pick up a refill today, same price.

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From my employer we are told to use mail order for the best prices. One prescription is $100 and with GoodRx it’s $25 but have to go to a retail pharmacy. Yeah, I don’t get it.

The downside of GoodRx is that it doesn’t go against your deductible because it’s outside of insurance. So if you know you will be fulfilling your deductible in a given year don’t use GoodRx.

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Can you share the Canadian Pharmacy that you use? I was just about to start looking into this option for the EXACT same prescription.

It seems that if you just do a search for Blue Sky Drugs, a bunch of different pharmacies come up, some don’t seem to be legit.
Hope this helps.
When there has been a question, it’s easy to get a person on the phone and they tend to be very helpful.

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I compare prices with a few apps because some are cheaper than others depending on the medication. I use GoodRX, RxSaver, and SingleCare.

It can really pay to shop around.

My dog requires a prescription for an acidifier for bladder stones. The local Vets charge about $45 for 180 pills which last 1 month (6 a day).

So I looked around and found that WalmartPetRX is vastly cheaper. I can get 1,000 pills for $30. Oh let me think about that…

I also found that the website for WalmartPetRX looks very similar to AliiVet with the exact same price for this.

In any event, if I don’t have to keep going to the Vet each month, and I stop paying 8 times the cost, I’m happy.

I don’t use it. I just buy all the medicines I need online or at the local pharmacy .For example I often buy victoza online because can not find it at local pharmacy or it is higher price then on Internet. Since I am a diabetic, I don’t have any discounts for it :slight_smile:

I use it for prescriptions not covered by my insurance plan and it makes a real difference. I recently went on Medicare and have prescription drug coverage, so early on I got the Good RX pricing. But to my surprise, I don’t have to pay anything for 4 of the 5 prescriptions I take with my Medicare plan.