Does Cost Plus Drugs Really Work?

In a recent post, Clark asks “Does Mark Cuban’s Cost Plus Drugs Really Work?” From my perspective, this is a resounding YES. I have some pretty typical cardiovascular drugs that had, at one point cost me $110 per month at my local pharmacy. That had since dropped to about $65/mo, but when I hooked up with Cost Plus Drugs, it now costs me $17 (plus shipping) for 3 MONTHS for ALL the medications that I need. That works out to about $5.66/mo, about 20 TIMES LESS than I was originally paying. It is insane how much you can save on common meds. Thank you, Mark.

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I totally agree! It is important to note that the effectiveness of Cost Plus Drugs may vary depending on individual prescription needs and availability of medications. It is also important to consult with a healthcare provider before making any changes to prescription medications. I personally usually buy meds from Canadian pharmacy and this offer is reallly useful for me.

I am on Medicare and I was paying over $100/month for 2 generic drugs (after deductible). I now pay about $10/month for the exact same drugs from Cost Plus. I don’t even use my Medicare drug plan. So much for Medicare being able to negotiate prices. Thank you Mark Cuban!!

I have been using them for the last 18 months. I usually get an email saying time to reorder. One of my medications did not and i went in to see the status and saw that they had reversed the qty numbers when entering them which resulted in my 90 day supply moving to November. I need in two weeks. I contacted them about THEIR error and they corrected it yesterday. I went in to order and now it says No Stock! I now have to have my doctor send my prescription to my local Kroger to get this filled.
Make sure you check your status for correct entry after a new prescription is loaded.