GOODRX no longer used at Kroger Pharmacy

April 16, 2022 - I live in McKinney, TX and was told by the Kroger Pharmacy yesterday that they are NO LONGER accepting GoodRX. The reason is that Kroger is losing too much money using the GoodRx plan.

The GoodRX site no longer lists a discount for my med at Kroger. Only the retail price is listed.

Kroger has a paid version of GoodRX. We’ve been using it for years ($79/year). I’ve never compared prices to the free GoodRX, but I know we save a lot over the price our insurance company has so generously “negotiated” for us, even with the fee.

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My local chain, Giant Eagle, still accepts GoodRx, but the cost for the discounted meds has gone up about 10 times. Giant Eagle has their own internal discount program which brings it back down to what GoodRx used to be, more or less.