Pet Insurance Advice

Any recommendation on Pet Insurance for a Cat. Over the holidays, we ran up some significant costs (several thousand $'s), including overnight stay at a pert hospital

Some names our vet gave us were Truppanion (this seems to require an exam first), nationwide, embrace and healthy paws. I hardly understand people health insurance

Altho we’d prefer direct payment to Vet, we can live with reimbursement.

If someone can recommends an insurer and explain what they did (the process), it would be appreciated. Thank you

I don’t have pet insurance, but the incident you had with your cat is likely to be considered a preexisting condition and would likely not be covered in the future.

Thank you for your comment and yes, I assumed that would be the case but that is not an ongoing issue but there are a couple that are.

Best is to have an emergency fund and pay for any unexpected pet bills out of that.

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Cash reserves are the cheapest form of insurance.

Pre-existing conditions are covered. :wink:

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I’ve always considered that the only time it makes financial sense to have pet insurance is with a puppy or kitten. That said, having a vet or vet tech adult child also helps with costs…

I am reminded of the Army rule.

When you have spent as much maintaining a vehicle as it’s initial cost… its time to scrap it.

I have a friend who has a ten thousand dollar dog. The reason I know the dog is worth $10K is cause he traded two five thousand dollar cats for it. :neutral_face: