Looking for Term Life Insurance with a decent company for a good price. Suggestions please

The policy will be for my wife incase I pass away.

I want 400,000 dollars for a term of 20 years.

We have no kids, house is paid for, vehicles are currently paid for. We have no debt. I’m 54 non smoker with a good retirement.

Looking for a company that will pay out in the event of my death without my wife having to fight them in the courts for the money. Also looking for a company that will be around for a while.

My place of work has Vorvest as a company but I don’t know much about them. My place of work also has Metlife and I’ve heard good and bad about them.

Suggestions please.

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Talk to an independent agent. They can shop your application around to a bunch of companies.

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I bought from SelectQuote.

Thank you for the suggestions so far. I have a day off tomorrow so I will search for an independent agent

If you are a veteran, check with MOAA.

Depending on your health and how you answer a few other questions, you will likely wind up with a good carrier like Transamerica, Protective, Banner, Prudential, etc. These would primarily be the carriers I would likely be putting you on. Term insurance is a commodity…all the carriers will be in the same rate range unless you do something silly like talk to a Primerica agent.

If your wife sends in a death certificate, she’ll get a check. Just don’t lie on the ap about medical history, and don’t commit suicide for at least two years…and she will never have an issue with any of them.

best of luck