TV ads for low cost life insurance

Just saw one. A 45 yr old man can get $500,000 policy for $29 / month. How can that be true?

Policy Genius shows the same rates.

I don’t understand it. I thought at first it meant only accident death, but the ad says, life insurance.

The catch is you’d have to be in perfect health. In most cases, to buy high-value life insurance you need to pass a medical exam. A nurse would come to your house or place of work and measure your height, weight, waist, blood pressure, pulse, etc. Then they would draw blood and test for anything that may affect your health such as cholesterol and blood sugar. If anything was even slightly off, you’d probably be offered a policy at higher cost. They’d also ask if you ride a motorcycle, fly a plane, or do any kind of risky activities.

It’s all in the actuarial tables. Healthy 45-year olds can get a 10-year inexpensive policy because the odds of dying by age 55 are very low. I’ll bet a 20- or 30-year policy would cost more than $29 as risk of death increases as people approach their 60s and 70s.

Ah, so those policies advertised on TV are 10 year or so?
[that would explain it]

I’m not sure but always best to read the fine print. Younger adults should look for a 20- or 30-year term with fixed rates, while older folks may only need 10- or 15-year terms. The general rule for term life insurance is to have enough to cover lost income to your spouse and/or family. If there are children, a larger policy makes sense to help the surviving spouse or guardian to get the kids through school and maybe college. If no children or if they’re on their own, then a lower amount should be fine.