MVNO one time prepay options to evaluate service in new area

I’ll be moving to a new city soon and would like to evaluate the AT&T and Verizon coverage in that area ahead of time. We currently have T-Mobile, and coverage in the part of the city where we’re building is poor. We visit often, so I’d like to find an MVNO and get a 30 day eSIM for each of the two alternatives to evaluate voice and data coverage around the city with no long term obligation. Does anyone have any suggestions?


I love this idea!

For Verizon’s network, I’d recommend Visible or Twigby. Visible offers a 15-day free trial. Otherwise, you can try the unlimited plan for $25 for the first month. If your phone isn’t compatible with Visible’s free trial, the next cheapest option would be Twigby’s 1GB plan. It costs $5 for the first month and runs on Verizon’s network.

For AT&T’s network, check out Cricket Wireless or H2O Wireless. Cricket offers a 14-day free trial. Cricket also offers 1GB of data for $15 in their fixed monthly plans. H2O is the next cheapest plan that I can guarantee will be on AT&T’s network: $20 for 3GB ($18 with autopay, but you can cancel anytime).

Red Pocket and Boost Mobile offer cheap plans on the GSM network (AT&T and T-Mobile) starting at $10-$12.50 for the first month for new customers, respectively.

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