Medicare Sign up age

Hi, hopefully this is an easy question? I just couldn’t wait any longer for my SHIP rep to call me backI

I will turn 65 on July 20th, 2022…

So, when signing up for Medicare during the 3 month window prior to ones 65th birthday do I have to wait till 3 months to the day ?(20th of month) or just the month of ? (1st if I wanted)

(I filled out the form this morning (1st April) and everything checked off except the question about “Medicare Election”. I want to say YES I wish to apply for Medicare Only but not monthly retirement cash benefits, but the app will only let me say NO (as in, I do want to get mo. cash benefits! grrr)

Anyone know why it kicked back? My only guess is because I tried to sign up on 1st vs. waiting till 20th.

My two cents. I would get an appointment with an agent that specializes in Medicare. It costs you nothing and if they are any good, they can answer all your questions, even the ones you don’t know to ask.

You’re probably right. I’ve been searching high and low and the info I need is vague. Also because we were self employed there are other hard to answer questions. I’ll follow your advice, thanks!

If your birthday is other than July 1st, you are free to go to and sign up for Medicare A&B as early as April 1st…three months before your birthday month. If your birthday had been July 1st, Medicare starts June 1st for you, so you could sign up as early as March 1st (subtle fact) Since you are 7/20 DoB, you are medicare eligible starting 7/1…assuming of course you are not staying on a good group plan. You should have no issue signing up for Medicare A&B today…and of course say NO to retirement benefits.

Your sign up will fail if you try to create a “my social security” account and you maintain credit freezes…and you will have to thaw out your credit for a day

We help folk all the time do this…and then your next challenge is Medicare Supplement versus Medicare advantage…and thats when working with a broker well versed in both will be very helpful to you.

If I’m mistaken, I’ve had Medicare since I was 30 years old. Keep in mind that I’m disabled.

In case others find this thread, I found out some answers…

  1. Yes, a person may sign up anytime during the 3rd month before their 65th birthday. Example: DOB July 20, 3 months prior is April, anytime April 1st through October 31st the signup is fine.

  2. I found out I got error messages on my online application because, as a stay at home mom who doesn’t have full 40 credits for SS, I have to apply under my husband’s SS #/his work record, which requires a phone or in person “interview” by the SS office. SS will then have 60 days to complete the application for me. Hopefully it’s a prompt interview (have to wait for them to contact me to set it up, 7 days to do so) so I can get insurance to begin July 1st (month of my 65th birthday).

Don’t get tricked into applying online and choosing you want SS cash retirement benefits to start IF YOU DON’T. If that comes up as an error, get on the phone, it’ll probably have to be done manually like my situation).

  1. It took me an hour from calling to hang up, on hold most of that time.

Hope this helps someone in future.
Thank you to everyone who tried to help!

I should have said “If I’m not mistaken” previously.