Medicare Supplemental Plan Brokers

I have a relative who will sign up for Medicare in 2024. I’ve learned quite a bit from videos. It’s free as they make commissions from many different insurance companies. Signing up for regular Medicare (80%) is easy enough; choosing a Supplemental Plan (20%) and insurance company takes a bit more research. Using a Medicare broker such as this seems to be a good idea. Any thoughts? Thanks.

I am not familiar with When I decided on Medigap coverage I first learned about Medicare so that I was in a better position to assess the information when I contacted the Medicare broker. Other sources for learning about Medicare include the website. Your relative can get state specific information from their state SHIP (State Health Insurance Assistance Program). I have seen the book Medicare for Dummies recommended. Make sure the Medicare Broker represents multiple insurance companies.
Since Part D Prescription plans costs and coverages change frequently, your relative should each year check about the estimated costs for the upcoming year. That information can be obtained through your relatives mymedicare account or by using a broker.

Be aware that if one is entitled to Tricare coverage, at age 65 it converts to Tricare For Life, which works as if it were a Medicare Supplement, and includes pharmacy benefits.

A good broker is well worth it.

Avoid Medicare Advantage Part C.

Go with a Medicare Supplement Part G. It’s less restrictive if you choose to change to Advantage later on.

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Medicare for Dummies is over 400 pages; excellent reference work but not good for an exciting Medicare read.
I recommend “Medicare for the Lazy Man 2023, Simplest & Easiest Guide Ever” for a more entertaining Medicare tutorial!

Used a Medicare broker since I had to change companies. He asked questions about what I wanted, noted location variants, expected costs. Went from Harvard Pilgrim at $56/mo to Aetna Advantage, no cost per month. At least take a look.

Thanks everyone. She’s decided to go with a Medicare broker. (The book ‘Medicare for the Lazy Man 2023’ by Douglas Jones does look interesting.) Best wishes for everyone in making their Medicare decisions.