I am eligible for medicare in 2025 and there are so many option plans A-N, what is the best one to take

I am confused on all of the plans available for medicare, can someone create a clear view of the options and what they represent. I am eligible next year 2025 and wanted to better understand all of the options and their cost.

Consider Medigap Plan G. Plan G has coverage of more out-of-pocket Medicare costs than any other Medigap plan type. Of course, that means higher premiums. Plan G is becoming the most popular plan. Plan F with similar benefits was the most popular but is no longer offered to new Medicare recipients.
Medicare.gov site has a chart comparing the Medigap plans. You can obtain more information by contacting your State Health Insurance Assistance Program


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2nd that. I was plan F and switched to plan G.

That’s assuming you don’t have Tricare, a federal service plan, or some other coverage that you can keep as the secondary payer to Medicare.

Did you ever consider High Deductible Plan G?

Thank you for the replies, Is plan G medicare advantage, or is it regular medicare?

Plan G is a Medicare Supplement (keep original Medicare). What state are you located in?

Hi westerlunda31! Its been a few years since doing this but when starting to learn it was DAUNTING so I feel ya.

This is main thing…

Medicare has a Part A and a Part B that everyone pays, sign up on Social Security.org. age 65, then comes the choices…

Theres Medigap which is “original Medicare” and theres different plans “A to N” ( or whatever the letters are). Read the various coverages for your use. With a Medigap plan you MUST pick up an additional Prescription Drug Plan or be penalized forever. In Wisconsin we have “SeniorCare” which is based on income but can be only $30/year! only. (We use this since we have no rx to speak of)

You pay a monthly premium with Medigap plans but in long run, considering copays as you get older, it may outweigh Advantage plans.

Advantage plans (can sometimes cost $Zero) and generally include the prescription drug plans and maybe dental and vision but there’s copays, limited to PPOs etc, and other things. Those expenses is what add up as you age.

If you choose an Advantage Plan you only have a short period of time to switch to a Medigap plan but you can always switch TO an Advantage plan.

FWIW, we chose the Medigap plan G + 2 different Riders through AARP with United Health Care and just pay Part B deductible. Premiums $ raise thru age 80, not by much, but theres a chart you can read.

Hope this helps (I’m by no means an expert)

I’ve been on Medicare for a couple of years now. I have a Medicare Advantage plan thru BCBS of Kansas City. I went with them because it is basically the same plan I had when I was working. It has prescription drug coverage and an allowance for dental, hearing and vision. I am very happy with my plan. I had a couple of ER visits that were seamless.

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