Medical DNA sought to help with my medical diagnosis

Is there a place place to go to get medical DNA to test for genetic diseases? If so, do they also do a history of what your country of origin is?
I would like to have this to find out if a particular medical condition exists in my long lost relatives.

You raise an interesting question:

Does the Privacy Rule, (HIPPA,) extend to deceased persons?
Do the people linked to the deceased person have a right to prevent DNA information from that deceased blood relative from being made public?

Try googling ‘DNA testing reviews’ and see how different companies compare.

Have you asked your doctor if he/she can prescribe DNA testing for the medical condition you’re interested in?

You can also do research yourself by using genealogy websites and collecting death certificates on your parents, aunts/uncles, grandparents, their siblings, etc. etc.

23andme helped me out recently by ruling out me having a bad genetic mutation which would have kept me from drinking alcohol… so now I can have a beer every once in a while. But other relatives of mine cannot! Cheers!

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