New Medicare rule posted on the door at Quest today

Quest Lab has a sign posted this morning that Medicare will not pay for tests if:

1 They’re part of a routine physical and or a screening for early detection of diseases. Occult blood tests, PSA tests for men over 50 and Pap Smears are covered only in certain circumstances.

2 They’re not medically necessary - based on your doctor’s diagnosis.

3 They’re for research or experimental use only.

So, out of pocket?

I am counting on my HSA to cover Medicare out of pocket costs down the road.

I thought changes to medicare rules can only be done annually through acts of congress.

That information does not appear to match the Medicare Preventive and Screening Services page. All the tests mentioned are covered as screening tests although there may be restrictions by age or frequency. Maybe there is an issue between Quest and Medicare but general Medicare policy appears unchanged.