Cancer Insurance

I have recently turned 50 and I am getting a lot of different types of mail now. One Item I got just today was from Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company for Cancer Insurance for me or the whole family. I had not heard of this before but have been warned by many finical advisors that one health care issue can wipe out all of your savings. Just looking to get thoughts from others.

Google “Is Cancer Insurance a good idea” Lots of Info!

From what I have read single disease Insurance is not a good idea. A good Med Insurance Policy is better.

That said, if there is a strong history of Cancer in your Family… it might make sense for you.

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My experience only.

Assume that anything you get unsolicited in the mail, via email, text, Facebook or through dreams is not a good deal for you. They are not trying to care for you, they are trying to make money.

Now with that in mind, do some googling or get a kid to do it for you.
Be sure to try one search where you add the word scam to your search.

Read the results. This should help you decide 90% of the time.

Hee hee! The proposals I get through dreams are never good ideas but are always good for a laugh once awake.

Maintain good health insurance with affordable deductables. If your family has a history of heritible cancers, consider upping the coverage, or getting a rider specific for cancers. Consider genetic testing…there are pros and cons to that…be sure you want the answers…

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