Linking investments to Empower?

From what I have researched, Empower is one of the best free site to track investments. I know Empower and others want to “link” to accounts but it makes me nervous. I have accounts Vanguard, Fidelity, etc and I really don’t want to manually put everything in somewhere and my understanding is Empower it is a “read only” site but still, I am not sure I feel safe. I am no technology guru so hoping to find help here :wink:

Has anyone used Empower or other sites for the free version to track everything all in one place and your thoughts? Pluses and minuses as well. Thanks all!

I do not have any knowledge about Empower. Since you have accounts at Fidelity and Vanguard, I would use one of them for linking your outside accounts. The majority of my accounts are at Vanguard so I link my non-Vanguard accounts to my Vanguard site. This has worked out for me but most of the comments I have seen indicate that the Fidelity web site is better so you might consider using Fidelity.

Thanks for the response, I will consider that😊