Intuit mint replacement

Since Mint has merged into Credit Karma, I am looking for an alternate for viewing all my stock brokerage accounts in one place. The two options I am aware of are Charles Schwab and Empower retirement. Are there better options? Is one better than another? Anything I need to be concerned about?

I use Tiller but it’s not as good as Empower for tracking investments. I hope others will comment with more options.

Google Finance functions in Google Sheets:

Once the finance data is updated, you can use the standard Google sheets function to slice and dice the data.

… I will be using this now. To the original question, I use yahoo finance but I’m sure there are better options

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up using Schwab. Used Yahoo finance but it got tricky managing splits, spin off and general trades as I edited my portfolio manually. I am little tin foil hat about online accounts. I like Schwab because they have a security token generator that I need to use to log in. I have used Google finance in the past and loved it but google changes things around too much for my taste.