KRON4: "McDonald’s closing more restaurants in Walmart stores"

Admittedly, this article is from May 2021. However, I’ve been bummed that some Walmart stores near my hometown don’t have McDonald’s restaurants inside of them anymore. :frowning_face:

I worked WM briefly about 20 years ago and remember McDs slowly leaving our district stores way back then. WM workers quickly got burned out having McDs as an option so there wasn’t much disappointment when they left. Customers I think were a little turned off because they offered smaller menus than the free standing stores. You’d think WM and McDs would be the ideal pairing, right? Apparently not.

The one inside my local Walmart closed a couple decades ago and built a free-standing store on the parking lot visible from the road, a major north-south numbered highway. Nothing new here-McD gets better visibility, Walmart gets more floor space.

I can imagine that although having a McD’s inside Walmart got them some business because people were just there int he store. However, I see cars lined up at most McD’s and am sure that they probably make more money from people who just want to use the Drive-In.

I use McD’s drive-up pickup spot because I catch a discount on the app and don’t want to use the Drive-Thru. I can pull in, click pay for the order, enter the drive up spot and minutes later have my order. The Drive-Thru people are still waiting. I only have gone to a Walmart McD’s once since COVID started.