McDonalds Scam!

I like the Big Mac.

Yesterday ordered a Big Mac Combo… seemed clear.
Guy asked did I want Medium or Large?

What is this about… Isn’t a Big Mac Combo self explained.
I asked the difference… seems the difference is the size of the Fries and Drink. With free refills, who cares about the size of the cup?

Was I surprised … I took the Medium and was charged about $7.
The McDonalds I usually use, does not ask that question and I usually pay about $9.

Apparently a Big Mac Combo is not a Big Mac Combo.
Now I have to figure out how to order at my usual McDonalds.
BTW, I did not finish the medium fries.

Problem: The Wendy’s is still Drive Thru only.

Not to be picky but unless there is a roof and a wall on the outside, that is a drive-BY :slight_smile:

One thought: Is it possible that the McDonalds that you go to regularly only offers one meal size and does not give the option to choose medium or large? I would ask them that question the next time I go there.

And, as an aside, have you tried the McDonald’s app? If not, I recommend that you give it a try. I am sold on it. The prices are the same as in the restaurant, and it is a lot more convenient being able to order in advance on my own without standing in line or sitting at the drive-thru window. And, it won’t let you finalize the order until it sees that you are at a McDonald’s. Granted you still have to wait for them to prepare your meal, but it reduces the hassle of ordering. And, you accumulate points that you can use to redeem for free food.

I just went in and started ordering a Big Mac combo. It gave me the option of selecting medium or large size.

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Two points… McDons has two kinds of stores. Company owned and Franchised. Prices may vary. I’ve seen price varients at taco bell too. 3 different prices at different local stores.

Then there is the “combo” deal. Medium/Large taters are too much. Late wife and I used to share a small order. Soda waters? Bad for you, especially the aspartame ones. Far better to have water, even fluorideded water. Cheaper too.

To add to my earlier post and to tszefr’s comment, have you tried using Subway’s app? You mention that you go to Subway, which is why I ask. If you have not done so, I recommend you give that a shot too. You can order online and they will tell you what time it will be ready. That beats standing in line and then waiting while they prepare it. It is especially handy if you want a take-out order, and you get bonus points for free food too.

I have also noted that many of the specials that Subway offers are not available at the location closest to me but at several a small bit further away. That is another example of certain stores having different offerings.

I no longer go to Subway.

Here Publix Super Markets Deli have better Subs.
They have an Ap also… but I do not use it.
I usually pick up a sub at 10AM to eat at about 12:30.
At 10AM there is no line for subs.

To follow up on McDonalds, Presently few go inside.
I get served very quickly.
They give me the cup and bring the food to my table.
Age has its Benefits.

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The Big Y market in MA had killer calzones for $4 apiece last month. At their pizza hot food bar. If I go back to MA in the autumn, I will definitely grab a few.