Fast Food Drinks?

Does Coke vs Pepsi influenced your fast food choice?
If the Fast Food Restaurant does not serve your preferred Cola, are you more likely to switch to Lemonade, Ice Tea or even water?

Since Costco went to Pepsi, I still want those $1.50 Dogs but not the Pepsi so much. I find myself going to McDonalds even though there are better Burgers… but the Coke Refills are a grabber.

Wife will not eat at a restaurant that doesn’t serve Coke.

Have you tried the Culvers on GA92… Good Burgers, and Onion Rings but the Drink Selection … Meh!!!

There is one at Hickory Flat. We rarely go simply because because they serve Pepsi.

I’m a big fan of Mt Dew and Pepsi over Coke. I realize a lot of people on here are Atlanta based so there is a bias toward Coke. I stopped going to Subway when they switched from Pepsi to Coke. Super glad Costco switched to Pepsi a couple years ago.

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Coke is now at $4 a Gallon.

About a month ago, Kroger had a sale… 24 cans of coke $5.
Yesterday those 24 cans were $9.00.

Inflation is real!

I mostly dislike sweet drinks, and I am picky about iced tea (no artificial additives or any sweeteners) and water (filtered if tap or spring if bottled). If they have it, I’ll drink plain soda water. There are a couple of places that have nothing I will drink, so I get the food to go.


I would say it does not affect as we don’t eat out much, maybe once a week, and when we do we normally order water. I have a crazy sister who must have colored water to the tune of $3 or $4 or $5 each time. It is called unsweetened tea.

Sugared sodas are really bad for you; Dr Pepper was late wife’s choice – it fueled her diabetes that ultimately was her demise. Artificial sweetenered sodas are even worse!

Now if I get a choice I will take water with gas. Jersey Mike’s often has it and Costco does at the hot dog stand. Barring that if it is free, sometimes I will use a dab of lemonade and fill with unsweetened tea.

No. Since my supermarket purchases are based upon unit pricing, most soda is the cheapest brand.

As for fast food, I often gravitate towards McDonalds because I can get BOGO sandwich with a $1 drink.

Costs out here are higher than other places, so saving money is paramount.

I wonder if diet sodas lead to dementia.

I’ll take either one. I just ask for whatever cola they have. Not diet, please.