If I Owned Costco

Costco generally does good with a few exceptions. If I owned Costco I would make some changes.

Regarding the food court. Even before the upgrades/updates to the food court, if you wanted a chicken caesar salad, you had to go to the food court and stand in line. I would place some coolers near the checkout line with chicken caesar salads so that people could grab one, scan it and avoid a line. They are pre-made so nobody has to fix it. Costco moved the salads from the case near the deli to the food court but If there is a line I skip the food court.

Secondly, now our Costco has kiosks at the food court. When first put in, there was a line for people who wanted to order at the counter and two windows for already ordered and paid for kiosk purchased. At first the person at the windows would pull and order and call the order number out the window. Most people could not hear them call the numbers and it was quite inefficient. I expected Costco would put in a PA speaker system but no! Costco decided that you can order at the kiosk, get your receipt and get in line at the kiosk window. When you get to the window the employee takes your order number and gathers your order.

The problem with that is the public still not understanding. Oftentimes the line for people to order at the window is perhaps 2 people while the line at the kiosk windew can be over 10 people. I look at the lines and most times now the kiosk line is too long and the order at the other window takes no time at all. I see most of the same people in line for the kiosk windows and I head to the vehicle with my order.

At my Costco we can only order at a kiosk. No option to order from a person. Works great. There are 4 kiosks which seems to be plenty. Then the person behind the counter just has to grab what is on each order and yell out the number. I avoid busy times.