Costco Food Court Kiosk

The Kona Costco finally installed the Kiosks for ordering. Naturally, no body can figure out how to use them.

Rather than an orderly line for each window, there is one window for orders, one window for Pizza pickup and two kiosk windows. You can barely hear them call the numbers because there is a traffic lane about 35 feet away behind the waiting masses. Perhaps a not-so-loud loudspeaker with a window number would help. Gosh forbid that our DMV could teach Costco something :slight_smile:

Now most people are just wandering around waiting for their number to be called.

When our local Costco started out with the Kiosk you had a choice to use the Kiosk or order at the window. There would be one line for Kiosk pick up and they would call your number. now it’s been Kiosk only to place and pay for your order so once you order you get in line and then give them your receipt and they gather up your order. I don’t use the food court much anymore, it hasn’t been a great experience after covid plus I’m loosing weight.

Oh man, I totally feel for you about the new kiosks at Costco. It’s always frustrating when new technology gets implemented and nobody knows how to use it! And why is it that some places can’t figure out a decent system for calling numbers? It’s like they’re trying to keep it a secret or something. Here’s hoping they make some improvements soon!