What Are Your Favorite Fast Food Apps & Deals?

Check out these fast food deals happening now:

I have only a few fast food options here which use apps.

I use the McDonalds app because I can get two sandwiches for a reasonable price.

Some apps are attrocious. The one for Subway won’t let me see the menu unless the store is open. I complained to Corporate saying that that kept me from determining what I might grab for lunch, so I just take my lunch to work or go to their competition instead of buying through them. (Between you and I, I don’t actually go to work, but I had to give them real-world example).

McDonalds app is not the best. Multiple times it allowed me to say I would come inside to get my order, or twice to do a pickup at a numbered spot, only to get there and find that I had to get into the drive-thru lane because they were short staffed. There is a group posting set up by customers to show whether the Taco Bell is open this day or drive-thru only or wow, the dining room is open! People have drive to the place and found it was closed due to lack of employees! One McDonalds here has the inside dining only available from 11am to 1pm and then you either get it delivered to your numbered pickup spot or you go to the drive-thru. The app doesn’t tell you any of that. You might order and drive there, go to the door and see a sign to get into the drive-through lane.

The JackInThe Box app allowed me to place an order at a restaurant over an hours drive away. It was my mistake. I was able to find that locations phone number and let the Manager know I made the mistake and to give my order to a guest if they wanted.

As for discounts, some restaurants (sit down nad locally owned vrs fast food chains) will offer a discount because you are a local, but often you would have to ask for the discount and may have to show a local drivers license. I am sure some people conside this as ‘sticking it to the tourists’ but there are real reasons for this. Because of the high cost of food (much is imported by ship) prices are higher than on the mainland. Thus locals who could just as easily stay home and eat, can add quite a bit of income over the year to the restaurant. It is not unusual for us locals to bring guests and visitors to these restaurants and thus that also helps the local restaurants. Our discount could be thought of as a thank you for recommending the place to people.

A friend of mine and I go out for lunch once a week and we search for the best deals. We end up using the McD’s app more than anything for the BOGO deals. Unfortunately, they quit offering the $1 drinks. One of us would use the sandwich deal and the other would get the drinks and fries deal. We could do lunch for two for about $8, but not anymore.

We’ve tried the Wendy’s app but it rarely works correctly.
Also use Arby’s sometimes, but deals are few and far between.
Haven’t tried the Burger Kink app as we quit going there due to the stores being kind of messy.
We quit going to Subway as none of the stores in our area honor the coupons we get in the mail.

Reading the article on the best restaurant apps reminded me that those of us who grew up on coupons are no longer seeing them in the mail or newspapers, and no longer use the apps because of difficulties in working with them.
The first time I saw a BOGO was with a fast-food app, but I lost patience working with it so simply went to the restaurant. They told me I would have to order the special through the app. I asked for their wi-fi password and was told they didn’t have wi-fi. So I went a block away to Whole Foods, parked close enough to get onto their wi-fi to get on the restaurant’s website, and ordered my meal. I then went back to the restaurant to get my order and my special price. I’m not doing that again.
How about a story on the best restaurant or fast-food coupons still available in print? It would help out a lot of folks who don’t want to use apps.

You might not have one of these in your area, but I’m a little surprised nobody has mentioned the Chick Fil A app. It rarely malfunctions and offers fair rewards points IMO. They also offer a lot of freebies in my area when some local sports teams perform certain feats, like when the Hurricanes win on home ice.

Locally, I use the Safeway app to see what $5 Friday deals are available. $5 here is a great bargain. Sometimes it is a footlong or longer sub for $5. Granted they are a lot of bread but still. I take one to pot luck on Friday nights. We have some food, some beer and watch the sunset, like this one.

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I just recently downloaded the McDonald’s app and used it. I noticed two things…On the drive thru marquee it shows deals like: McChickens or Cheeseburgers are $1.99 OR 2/$3.00. The app doesn’t show that second option.

For drinks: Ice tea is $1.49 for any size on the marquee, but the app shows different prices, ex. $1.79 for large

Kind of irritating

Oh, that’s beaUtiful!! :star_struck: