KRON 4: "Dethroned? Burger King set to close hundreds of restaurants"

I wonder if my local Burger King will be affected.

No surprise. A friend of mine and I got out to lunch every Thursday and go to places where we can get deals. Have not seen a coupon or deal at BK for a couple of years, so we have not been there since then. The number of places sending out coupons these days is getting very small. Even when we get Subway coupons most of our local stores don’t accept them.

Well, rjratnip, I still receive Burger King coupons in the mail periodically.

Oh man, I’m jealous. BK does accept expired coupons though, at least they used to. I have not seen them in the mail in a couple years, but still have a pile of old ones.

We get a sheet of BK Coupons in the Sunday Paper… yes, we still get that.

2 Problems.

  • The restaurants are dowdy
  • The food is worse than Wendy’s and McDonalds.

Got a coupon for a Super Sized Big King… made an effort to use it… very disappointed. Not the Big King of old.

With the newer upscale Burger places like Culvers and Henrys, BK looks even worse.

Same here. Probably the main reason we haven’t been back in a while. The self-serve drink area was always sticky.

Well at least they have not gone to the Soda Computer that Wendy’s has.
2 Problems

  • Frequently out of the most selected drinks
  • Waiting while someone either selects a drink or figures out how to use the drink computer.

Putting 2 of them in each Restaurant would solve most of the problems.

Had that exact problem at our Wendy’s until they installed a second machine.

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BTW, these are called Coke Free Style Machines.

Here is an explanation of how they work.

So it is Instant Coke, sort of like Instant Coffee.
Coke would not like that comparrison!

I avoid fast food restaurants… I can’t recall the last time I went to Burger King. In general, the cost of fast food has risen to match the cost of small local, but not upscale, restaurants who cook from scratch with better quality ingredients.