How to get Mercedes key replacement?

Elderly brother has lost his one and only copy of his 2002 Mercedes CLK 320 ignition key. What is the cheapest way for him to get one made without the original? He lives in West Seattle, if that helps. So far, everyone says he has to have it towed to a Mercedes dealership.

I don’t know for sure, but Mercedes is known to have highly secure keys so that would mean you will have to take it to the dealership. Prepare to be fleeced like you never have before…

Don’t know about Mercedes, but most car dealers can get you a new key if you have the VIN Number… give them a call before towing.

In the last century, when you bought a Mercedes they gave you a little doo-hicky that they place into the machine that makes key replacements, they may still do that. If so they’ll probably charge a pretty hefty price to make a replacement for it and the new key.

I heard Clark talk positively about a mobile key-making service that is often in a Sam’s Club warehouse parking lot. I stopped by once, and they wanted $75 for a 2019 Toyota, which sounds high but is not.

Call around for a mobile locksmith & hope they can give you a guesstimate. I’ve had copies made for Mazdas with only 1 key purchased through eBay & Googling the instructions to program it myself. Since you said that was his only key it’s either through Mercedes (I think $200+ because it’s a Mercedes) or a locksmith. My Mazda keys would’ve been $150 at the dealer. You usually need at least 1 key to do it yourself. Call Mercedes too just to get an idea.